About YAMA: A New Born Pioneer

about_2PC Industry is not only getting mature and competitive but also more diversified. The functions of PC from Documents Processing, Internet Browsing, Instant Communication to Gaming and more. No matter what functions are needed, a reliable solution with good quality, design and service is always strongly desired by users to achieve their goal.

YAMA was new born in Year 2009, bring a better choice to our customers in the foundation of achieving above goal. We focus on PC Case, Power Supply, Gaming Solutions and Other Peripherals. YAMA is founded by a group of experienced IT Enthusiasts, we listen and try to understand customers’ needs, dedicate ourselves on brining best innovation and value but Never Compromise to Quality!

To be Power of Technology is our expectation, YAMA will continuously pursuit Best Innovation, Quality and Value to offer perfect solutions to our customers, let’s YAMA IT.